Alheydis von Körckhingen
Delftwood, Æthelmearc

Details of scroll 2007-01

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scroll: 2007-01
Hand-bound booklet with 15th century English text and inital pages, with a frontispiece of a Flemish border and Spanish miniature, and with fingerloop braiding samples

Recipient: Rhiannon y bwa
: January 13, 2007 - Kingdom Twelfth Night, Shire of Hartsone

BL Harley MS 2320, folio 52r (text pages and initial), mid-15th century
Isabella Breviary, BL Add. MS 18851, folio 81v? (frontispiece border), late 15th century
The Borja Virgin and Child altar piece (frontispiece miniature), 1465
Taken from:
Harley MS: photograph of folio 52r purchased directly from the British Library
Isabella Breviary: scan provided by Mistress Rhiannon, probably from Janet Backhouse, The Isabella Breviary (London: British Library, 199)
Borja Virgen: photograph purchased directly from
Institut Amatller d´Art Hispànic, Barcelona, Spain

Pages: Pergamenata paper, Oak Gall Ink penned with hand cut quills, Winsor-Newton Gouche,
23.75 karat shell gold
Fingerloop braids: DMC rayon floss
Binding: Davey board, Lineco Superior book cloth, Neutral Ph PVA (Lineco), grosgrain ribbon

Alheydis's Boke of Secrets: Fingerloop Braiding
Detailed instructions on how to produce the braids from this booklet

From Atelier to Adobe
Ice Dragon research paper detailing the research and production process of making this booklet. (PDF file)

The frontispiece, with the over-sized folio 8 extending to the right holding the fingerloop braid samples.
individual pages:

folio 1r

folio 1v

folio 2r

folio 2v

folio 3r

folio 3v

folio 4r

folio 4v

folio 5r

folio 5v

folio 6r

folio 6v

folio 7r

folio 7v

folio 8r

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